About Us

Who we are? 

BuySupplies.in is an innovative and system driven eCommerce platform featuring an exclusive range of personal protective equipment for your business needs. We are keeping our focus on the current need but with time we would introduce various products to cater all your "off-the-shelf" requirements on one unified platform. 

Our approach is fueled by the mere nature of us as a team to help and safeguard people’s interest. Our drive, vision, and values are here for one purpose and one purpose only: we will ensure that your best interests are at core of everything we do.

We stand together and join the force to fight the global pandemic by providing quality products at great prices. We approve, negotiate directly with certified manufacturers to offer you the highest quality at the lowest price for all of the products. Work needs to be started but not without safeguarding the interest of our workforce. 

We don’t just provide products; we provide solution to your needs!


Benefits with BuySupplies.in

  • We supply products from only approved manufacturers through our strictly followed approval process for repeatable quality to you
  • Trust of quality products delivered at your doorsteps
  • You dont need to buy in huge quantities to get good pricing
  • Ability to source products from all over the world
  • System oriented approach to provide high level of customer service again and again


How we do it?

We do more than just give you the best price.

BuySupplies.in negotiated directly with manufacturers and cut out all the actors in between the products and you. You get the same or better quality products without any price markups. 

We bring value to every piece of the transaction. 

As a full stack value-add partner not only we provide transparent pricing and simple expedited delivery, we also make sure the products you receive are thoroughly vetted, tested and certified for your use.